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Making Home Care Work Well for an Elderly Parent

By Martha Berk, RN | April 11, 2017

Worrying about an aging parent is never easy. When they begin showing signs of their age, calling you for help with certain tasks, or admitting they’ve slipped and fallen in the past, you begin worrying about their safety. You want them to be safe, but you also want them to enjoy life. Home care options…

Three Reasons You Might Not Be the Best Person to Help Mom Following Her Stroke

By Martha Berk, RN | March 9, 2017

You have been close to your mother for many, many years. You live in the same town as her. She has been over to your house hundreds upon hundreds of times to assist you with just about anything you needed. When you had children running around, she was there to offer you some relief. Now,…

Where to Draw the Line When Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

By Martha Berk, RN | February 10, 2017

Alzheimer’s Care in Dover NH Your mother’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. After that diagnosis, everything in your life changed. You may have tried to be enthusiastic and positive about what to expect. You knew that being positive was going to be incredibly important for her. You, your father, and other family members and friends had…

Anxious About an Aging Loved One’s Safety at Home? You’re Not Alone

By Martha Berk, RN | January 26, 2017

Senior Home Safety in Dover NH: It’s easy to feel all alone in various situations. In fact, when you’re facing extreme difficulties, there’s no possible way someone else could have the capacity to understand what you’re going through, right?

3 Things Experienced Home Care Aides Would Love Their Clients’ Families to Know

By Martha Berk, RN | November 9, 2016

Home Care for Seniors in Dover NH When an experienced home care aide begins working with an elderly client, that client’s family members probably have no prior experience with it. They don’t know the first thing about what to expect. They don’t understand the process. They may have a certain expectation about how things should…

Why Your Mom, as the Widow of a Veteran, Might Qualify for Home Care Help, Too

By Martha Berk, RN | October 26, 2016

Care for Aging Veterans in Dover NH: Your father served during the Vietnam War. He passed away a few years ago and ever since, you’ve noticed your mother having more difficulty tending to her own basic care.

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