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Alzheimer’s Care Tips Dover NH: Why Doctor’s Orders are Vital to Quality Alzheimer’s Care

You may know people who bring their loved one to a doctor, get a diagnosis, and then don’t pay attention to what the doctor says about how to treat them in the best and most effective manner. There could be a wide range of reasons for this, and this article isn’t about the psychology of people who don’t feel as though it’s necessary to listen to their doctor (or their loved one’s doctor, for that matter), but when it comes to providing the best Alzheimer’s care possible, you should want what’s best for your loved one.

One of the common characteristics about Alzheimer’s care is that these would be measures that can help delay the onset of the most severe symptoms or to make the patient as comfortable as possible. With that being said, the goal should always be about what’s best for your loved one and not what’s best or most convenient for you.

Alzheimer’s is an unforgiving and sometimes considered cruel disease in which the patient who is diagnosed with it will slowly lose their mental capacities, their memories, and then, eventually, their ability to do some of the most basic things that they’ve been doing most of their life.

While there is no cure, there are plenty of things that have been scientifically tested and proven to be effective in helping someone with Alzheimer’s get the best level of care for the remainder of their life.

Through the years, doctors understand more and more about the disease and while they have yet to find a cure for the disease, they understand that keeping a person in a familiar routine is crucial to helping them avoid some of the strongest fears and anxieties that they may experience as the disease continues to progress.

Some medications may also help to slow the progress or to stimulate certain parts of the mind, which can help delay the onset of the more severe symptoms of the disease. If you’re not willing to follow doctors orders, such as being told that your loved one should have Alzheimers’ home care provided for by an experienced professional, then you should ask yourself why not.

Why would you believe that you could provide the right level of care that your loved one may very well need? Having the right care and following doctor’s orders is going to be the difference between a higher quality of life into the future and struggling with the disease as it progresses. Get the right level of Alzheimer’s care for your loved one.

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Martha Berk, RN

Owner and Administrator at Atlantic Homelife Senior Care, LLC
Martha Berk has been a registered nurse specializing in geriatrics for more than 20 years. Her goal was to create a company that would allow seniors to stay in their homes and enjoy the home life they always had. She believes seniors should not have to give up the lives they have always known just because they need a helping hand. She is committed to help seniors maintain quality of life and live every moment to the fullest!

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