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It’s Not Always Easy to be a Family Caregiver, so Call for Help When It’s Needed

Dover, NH – It’s Not Always Easy to be a Family Caregiver, so Call for Help When It’s Needed

One of the most consistent things people learn when they take on the role of a family caregiver is that it’s not easy. People often look after their elderly loved ones out of a sense of responsibility or duty, or because they feel guilty if they encourage their loved one to hire a professional home care provider.

Beginning the work as a family caregiver will often pose a number of challenges that the individual didn’t consider when they signed up for the job. First and foremost, they will likely realize it’s a job. They may also run into certain challenges with their loved one, such as differences of opinion about what to do, different ideas about activities to do throughout the day, and much more.

Depending on the physical and health issues that the person is dealing with, the care they require could be significant. For a family member who has a full-time job and other responsibilities, stopping by and checking on their loved one on a daily basis can increase the amount of stress they experience throughout their life.

It’s not always easy to do these things throughout the day, and when the family member begins to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities he or she is taken on, it’s time to seriously think about calling on a professional caregiver for help.

Why a professional home care provider?

Even though family members likely know their loved ones better than strangers, it is often this connection that can create tension and anxiety in both the elderly client and the caregiver. One of the first priorities family members have when looking after loved ones is keeping them safe.

For example, a family member stops by and checks on their loved one and seas them trying to move stuff around the house, and tells them to stop. They stop them because they’re concerned about their heart health or other issues.  In reality, being active and getting exercise on a regular basis is highly recommended for almost every individual, regardless of age.

An experienced professional caregiver would have knowledge about what elderly clients can do, what they should try, and things they may need to avoid. If tension begins to build within the relationship between the family members, an outside caregiver could help them avoid these points of tension.  This will allow them to focus on the most important aspects of the relationship, which is the connection they built throughout their life.

If you or someone you know needs caregiver services near Dover, NH, contact the staff at Atlantic Homelife Senior Care. We provide quality and affordable home care for many disabled and elderly loved ones in our community. Call us at (603) 609-0166 for more information.

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Martha Berk, RN

Owner and Administrator at Atlantic Homelife Senior Care, LLC
Martha Berk has been a registered nurse specializing in geriatrics for more than 20 years. Her goal was to create a company that would allow seniors to stay in their homes and enjoy the home life they always had. She believes seniors should not have to give up the lives they have always known just because they need a helping hand. She is committed to help seniors maintain quality of life and live every moment to the fullest!