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Recovering from Cancer at Home Requires the Right Level of Support

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Dover NH

Cancer is the type of word that can instill fear, anxiety, and even anger in just about any person throughout the United States. Almost every single person you can meet on the street, in stores, or even at work probably knows at least one other person in their life (family member or friend) who has been diagnosed with some form of cancer in the past.Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Dover NH

For seniors who have been diagnosed with some form of cancer, getting the right level support is going to be essential to encouraging a full and healthy recovery. If they have been hospitalized, getting proper support can help reduce the chances of readmission in the future.   A hospital readmission is defined as any time a patient has to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge.

If they had surgery as part of their treatment for their cancer, they will be dealing with some level of a recovery period at home. Trying to take care of themselves, overdoing it physically, or not getting the proper nutrition can all have a negative repercussions on their ability to make a full recovery. Also, when people are going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments as part of their battle against cancer, there will certainly be plenty of times when assistance may be necessary.

Individuals may require help getting to the bathroom when they feel nauseous. They might need assistance preparing a proper nutritional diet. Family members and friends may step up to provide that level support, and if they do it’s a great asset for seniors going through this battle for their life. However, it’s also a good idea to consider the option of professional home care.

An experienced caregiver would be able to offer an incredible amount of support and information for seniors that can help them understand the benefits of exercise, rest, proper diet, and much more. There may be times when they feel good and want to get up and move around, but depending on the type of cancer they are dealing with, their doctor may prefer that they rest as much as possible.

There are numerous types of cancer and one of them is colorectal cancer. This is the second leading cause of cancer -related deaths in the United States ( No matter how old the senior is and no matter what type of surgery or other treatment options they are going through, proper support at home will have a direct impact on their ability to recover and avoid having to be readmitted to the hospital at some point in the near future.

If you or someone you know needs the help of caregiver services near Durham, NH, contact the staff at Atlantic Homelife Senior Care. We provide quality and affordable home care for many disabled and elderly loved ones in our community. Call us at (603) 609-0166 for more information.

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Martha Berk, RN

Owner and Administrator at Atlantic Homelife Senior Care, LLC
Martha Berk has been a registered nurse specializing in geriatrics for more than 20 years. Her goal was to create a company that would allow seniors to stay in their homes and enjoy the home life they always had. She believes seniors should not have to give up the lives they have always known just because they need a helping hand. She is committed to help seniors maintain quality of life and live every moment to the fullest!