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3 Commonly Overlooked Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Care in Dover NH

Many people commonly confuse Alzheimer’s and dementia. While Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia, the two are actually different and distinct conditions. A person who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Care in Dover NHAlzheimer’s will have thought, speech, and memory affected. Someone diagnosed with dementia may deal with symptoms that impair memory and thought. It is a subtle, but significant difference.

There are many signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that can be easily overlooked, and people who have been diagnosed with this disease should get proper care as soon as possible. Below are three of the most commonly overlooked signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and what family members may be able to do to help the elderly individual in their life.

An inability to solve problems.

While being able to solve problems can be challenging for some as it is, people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s likely can’t track their monthly bills or perform basic math.  Even taking longer to complete these tasks could very well indicate a problem in their mental functioning.

Having difficulty with their vision.

If elderly individuals are struggling to judge distances, have trouble identifying colors, or can’t seem to read as well as they used to, but they’ve had an eye exam and their prescription is accurate, it could be the way their brain is processing information. They could be getting confused with words they are reading and other activities.

Struggling to maintain conversations.

People with Alzheimer’s may begin to have difficulty maintaining a conversation. They might repeat things they already said, repeat stories, or have difficulty following what other people are talking about. They also may be using the wrong words in certain situations.

This is one of the most important signs or symptoms of Alzheimer’s that family members might pick up on before their elderly loved one has been diagnosed. June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, so keeping these and other symptoms in mind could be crucial for health and well-being for aging seniors.

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Martha Berk, RN

Owner and Administrator at Atlantic Homelife Senior Care, LLC
Martha Berk has been a registered nurse specializing in geriatrics for more than 20 years. Her goal was to create a company that would allow seniors to stay in their homes and enjoy the home life they always had. She believes seniors should not have to give up the lives they have always known just because they need a helping hand. She is committed to help seniors maintain quality of life and live every moment to the fullest!