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Two Ways to Improve as a Caregiver to Reduce Stress

Caregiver Stress in Dover NH

Becoming better at anything requires effort and dedication. People who truly want to become a better family caregiver, a better support system for their aging mother, father, grandparent, or other loved one, need to do a few things. Stress can be a big part of life as a family caregiver, and improving the quality of care can be one way to help reduce at least some level of that stress.Caregiver-Stress-in-Dover-NH

When it comes down to it, there are many things people can do to improve the relationships and the support they offer an aging loved one. Two ways to go about doing that is learning to be clearer when communicating an idea or thought to the senior and listening.

How to be clearer when communicating.

The best way to be clearer about any idea is to have as much information on hand to support that idea or notion. For example, when people begin realizing the value of home care support services, they should contact an agency and learn about the various caregivers, what type of work these home care aides can do, the cost, availability, and much more.

Then, when discussing the prospect of hiring a home care aide to help out, that family member will be able to articulate support of their idea more clearly. The clearer a person can be when communicating to another person, the easier it will be for that other individual to understand exactly what they’re saying. It leads to fewer breakdowns in communication, more unity of ideas, and better overall relationships.

How to listen better.

Many people assume they listen just fine. In reality, though, most of us don’t. We have a tendency to believe our point of view or perspective is the right one and we will do whatever it takes to support that notion.

There are also many devices and distractions in the world today that interfere with good listening skills. A phone beeping with a text coming through, a television on at high volume in the next room, and other factors can all lead to distractions.

The best way to listen better is to set aside your own personal beliefs when the other person is speaking. Ask questions for clarification, not as an argumentative tool. Turn off those distractions, look at the person speaking to you, and give them your undivided attention.

The more communication improves, the better the quality of care the senior will receive. The family caregiver may also see stress levels reducing as a result. June is Effective Communications Month and when you keep these ideas in mind, it can help improve relationships beyond just the one with the elderly family member.

If you or someone you know needs the help of caregiver services near Dover, NH, contact the staff at Atlantic Homelife Senior Care. We provide quality and affordable home care for many disabled and elderly loved ones in our community. Call us at (603) 609-0166 for more information.


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Martha Berk, RN

Owner and Administrator at Atlantic Homelife Senior Care, LLC
Martha Berk has been a registered nurse specializing in geriatrics for more than 20 years. Her goal was to create a company that would allow seniors to stay in their homes and enjoy the home life they always had. She believes seniors should not have to give up the lives they have always known just because they need a helping hand. She is committed to help seniors maintain quality of life and live every moment to the fullest!

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