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Why Home Care for Some Veterans Is a Good Idea

By Martha Berk, RN | Jun 7, 2017

There are many veterans out there who take a great deal of pride and dignity in their ability to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and even their friends. When a veteran has difficulty with their own basic care, whether it’s temporary following major surgery or injuries sustained in an accident or the natural…

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Why Your Mom, as the Widow of a Veteran, Might Qualify for Home Care Help, Too

By Martha Berk, RN | Oct 26, 2016

Care for Aging Veterans in Dover NH: Your father served during the Vietnam War. He passed away a few years ago and ever since, you’ve noticed your mother having more difficulty tending to her own basic care.

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Showing Aging Veterans We Care with Great Support at Home

By Martha Berk, RN | Feb 24, 2016

Care for Aging Veterans in Dover NH: It’s important that aging veterans feel as though other people care, especially when they are spending so much time home alone. How do we do this?

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How to Choose the Right Home Care for Aging Veterans

By Martha Berk, RN | Nov 25, 2015

Home Care for Veterans in Durham NH November is Home Care Month and when you’re looking into this option for an aging veteran in your family, you may have a number of questions. Questions are good. When you have questions, you generally seek out the answers. The best way to find those answers is by…

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